• Heeni Hoterene

    Mokopuna (grandchild) o Te Titiri o Waitangi, Maramataka expert, environmental activist, gardener and native designer at transforming tikanga (Māori customs) and ancient Māori knowledge into the modern-day form.

    "I am the Maramataka Queen and High Priestess of ancient Māori knowledge. "

    - Heeni Hoterene

  • Ani Makiha

    From Te Mahurehure, Ani has grown up amongst the Maramataka knowledge. She’s is a Hokianga girl. Her Father Te Kai Makiha was a tohunga of Ngāpuhi. Ani has 2 small children and hosts the Regional News on Te Hiku Media – Ngā Take o Te Taitokerau and works for Northland radio show – Tautoko FM.

What you can expect to learn at our workshops?

  • We have a range of workshops
    available where you can learn about all things Maramataka.  Workshops are designed specifically for your organisation focusing on how to apply mātauranga Maramataka in workplace planning, productivity and wellbeing. This knowledge can be utilised by participants to guide planning and application of their work practice, self-care practice and where appropriate service development and delivery.  All workshops are developed around ancient Māori knowledge that will benefit you or your business in everyday life.

Programs Designed for your Industry

Contact us to discuss co-designing a unique package for your organisation, marae or roopu needs. Graduates will receive a Maramataka accreditation, Tohu.