Matariki i te Kāinga

Nau mai, haere mai ki te ao Maramataka

Whether you are at the beginning of your Maramataka journey or back to restock on our unique products, you have come to the right place. Explore our website, check out our products and fill your kete (flax woven bag) with Māori knowledge of Maramataka Māori.

"The true maramataka is the cycle of wāhine"

- Heeni Hoterene


Translating the meaning of Maramataka

The Māori translation of the word Maramataka means 'everything under the influence of the moon', Maramataka is the traditional Māori way by which time is marked. At a time when many had lost this knowledge, our whānau remained the caretakers of this which has been passed down from our tūpuna (ancestors). With the use of observation and changes in nature to determine which activity is best at a certain moon, season, and time. Also recognising the appearance of Matariki & Puanga as the beginning of the Māori New Year. The Marama helps us determine the best time for fishing, gardening, communication, and ritual. 


Our mission

Maramataka Māori guides whānau (family), Educators, Health Workers and Ethical Businesses on how to use Maramataka to increase productivity and balance in everyday life. Indigenous knowledge allows us to better understand our taiao (environment) and each other.

What does Maramataka mean?

Heeni Hoterene - talking about Maramataka

Koha Kawakawa – 3000 Trees

Help us plant 3000 trees as Kaitiaki (Guardians) for Aotearoa (New Zealand). So much
of our natural environment is harvested regularly and not replenished. This is our tikanga
practice to give back.

"Too much picking, not enough planting."
Heeni Hoterene

Maramataka Māori Product

Maramataka Māori has been producing our unique Maramataka wall planners for over twenty-two years (handwritten) and the last 10 years printed.  They are distributed nationwide and your koha goes towards supporting the many environmental protection kaupapa and community
development projects we are involved in. Some people like to use the maramataka wheel, but we find this just goes round and round, and it is quite difficult for beginners to track.


Our Workshops

Our maramataka workshops teach participants how to be aware, observe, record, reflect and start to develop their own maramataka. Climate change is continually affecting our environment and it is vital that we are conscious of these changes and evolve accordingly.

Maramataka is about making our lives simple! 



Corrin Harrett - Talking about the Maramataka Hauora Journals

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