Mutuwhenua o Hakihea.  The final moon of Hakihea 3/12/2021

Mutuwhenua o Hakihea. The final moon of Hakihea 3/12/2021

We are consciously heading into the final marama of the cycle tonight, Mutuwhenua o Hakihea, the darkness.

We may have a sense of trepredation influenced from the last moons of Orongonui and Mauri,  a lot tougher then their usual ahuatanga attributes.

Tamanui te ra, the sun, he is growing in energy. It just doesn’t seem right, that we are feeling confused in this highly productive time of Raumati, the summer season.


The diverse days of heat, rain and early morning kohu mist all rolled into one signifies a whole lot going on from sun up to sun down. No wonder we are feeling extreme.

E te whanau, living in the city doesn’t exclude us from these elemental influences.

Reports, prize giving and secret Santas or rather the cancellation of these events, requires a whole lot of extra energy going into disappointment and dissatisfaction. Many are feeling like we are going against the tide and “meh” could be on the Xmas breakfast menu.

Well don’t sweat it, even though the days are heating up.  Once we ride through the next few marama of Mutuwhenua, Whiro and Tirea we will be on the rise again!

This is surely an opportunity to redesign our return to Aotearoa traditions! 

Resist the temptation to reward and spoil ourselves in over indulgence OK.  Think of it like this, if we focus on making the most of the longer days and energy, set a goal and work steadily towards it, we will reap the rewards by Ngahuru, autumn.  Our whata kai (tribal bank) will be full and not just of kumara!

You should have already completed my maramataka planning wananga detailing all this e mete ma!

Intuition set on this raumati will be a tough one, but not tougher then my last when I was about to die of cancer.  So every day is a good one after that!  I look forward to getting into the water.

Kia mahara when we have the lows, it makes us really appreciate the highs! 

This week coming Ohoata (Monday), Ouenuku(Tuesday) and Okoro (Wednesday) are the best!  Karawhiu e hoa ma! After that slow it right down ano. 

Reach out to loved ones this weekend please, they will be exhausted and lonely.  The low has already creeped in.  Get them through to the sunshine, nga hihi o Tamanui te ra. 

Sun rays are healing. Try rising with the Manu each morning and completing your morning hauora  health rituals before the tamariki wake! Or better yet include them.  Purei some waiata Maori, Rob Ruha of course!

I’ll be writing to you on the weekly until Waitangi Day because everyone needs a bit of encouragement! We all have done so well, but we are not quite there yet!  Ata haere, we must be extremely careful of our actions over the next two months.

Remember Covid hasn’t taught us anything, we teach ourselves!

Mauriora whanau!

Heeni Hoterene

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Kia ora
I am the Health Promotion Team Coordinator with Kahungunu Executive in Wairoa Hawkes Bay. I found your webpage during a random search today (29/03) and I think its ataahua. Is there anyway that I can ‘see’ the different resources that you have and the prices please. Here’s my email address


Ataahua nga whakaaro katoa e hoa

Pai mutunga te korero me nga mataara!

Kia uu tatou ki te aroha tetahi ki tetahi, kia koe hoki!!


Ataahua e hoa feeling i always appreciate your korero and good vibes ✨💖🙏


Hari Raumati whaea Heeni xx.Beautkful korero as always, I better bust my journal out xx thank you for continuing to be that inspo for me to maramataka, live my best life and flex my mana wahine xx arohanui


Absolutely love your work. Nga mihi.

Michelle Haua

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