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Maramataka Wall planner 2023-2024

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Starting in the Māori New Year Pipiri (June) 2023 through to Haratua (May) 2024, this 12 marama (Moon) cycle is planned out for you to design your life using ancient Māori lunar knowledge to enhance our lives in balance with nature and ourselves. Achieving abundance through connectivity and planning. Edition 15.

Physical copy of Maramataka 2023 - 2024 - B2+ Size - 720x580mm 

QR Codes on your Maramataka can be scanned using your phone to view the Māori/English text translations for "Nga Marama o te ao". Here is a guide on how to scan QR Codes: and you can also access the translations via the links below.

Click here to view the "Nga Marama o te ao" English translation

Click here to view the "Nga Marama o te ao" Māori translation


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